• Submission Guidelines •

We accept all comics of all kinds – All majors are welcome to submit

We will post the deadlines for each issue but we accept rolling submissions as well, which means that you can submit material at any point in the year and we do not place a limit on how many submissions an individual can turn in.

Please Email submissions to: artducko@uoregon.edu

Formatting guidelines

  • Full page comics need to be 8.5 x 11 inches and can be a maximum of 8 pages long
  • Strip Dimensions: 7 1/5″ x 2 1/6″
  • Must be sent as either .pdf or .png
  • Must be 300 DPI minimum
  • Must be black and white

Content guidelines

  • Original work preferred
  • We accept what you may consider R rated material
  • Title preferred but not required

Note: All submissions should be complete. Please no works in progress, although if at any point in the creative process you want to talk about or discuss your submission piece our editors are always available and can be reached via email at uocomics@gmail.com

All rights to submitted material will be reserved for creator(s)
We reserve the right to edit content for publication