kaitlyn mccafferty self portrait

Kaitlyn McCafferty is Editor in Chief of Art Ducko. They are a sophomore studying Art and Technology, Chinese, Computer Information Technology, and Comics and Cartoons at U of O. They recommend watching We Bare Bears.


Erick Wonderly is the Art Director of Art Ducko magazine, and is a third year student at the University of Oregon studying Art and Journalism. Erick plans to be a freelance journalist and cartoonist once out of college. He highly recommends reading the BONE series by Jeff Smith.

Lauren B

Lauren Bryant is the current head of the copy editing department in Art Ducko. She is from Berkeley, California, and is very happy to actually see rain again. Lauren is currently a Junior and an English major, with a comics minor most definitely declared because comics are awesome. She loves reading and analyzing comics of all kinds, and hopes to someday produce her own. On the rare occasion she finds herself with free time, she draws, plays video games, writes, plays music, reads, sleeps, and wastes too much time on the Internet (mainly those last two).  She recommends American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang.


Kezia Setyawan is treasurer of Art Ducko magazine.

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Meg Arnold is head of the layout department in Art Ducko.

Katalena Sanchez is part of Art Ducko layout department.


Juliet Lasky is a senior at University of Oregon. She’s a Digital Arts major, and has been studying digital art in school for 4+ years. Juliet loves all types of digital art but has a soft spot for narrative illustration possibly due to having read way too many comics for fun. She wants to work in the digital art industry, such as storyboarding. She highly recommends the comic I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura.


Mark Rempel is part of the Art Ducko art department.enyawonderly-selfportrait

Enya Wonderly is part of the Art Ducko art department.

Cheyenne Jaques Portrait Final-1

Cheyenne Jaques is part of the Art Ducko art department.


Jacob Clamp is an enthusiast of the finer things in life, and by that he means consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee to drown out the unproductive exhaustion that comes with being an artist. He is a part of Art Ducko’s Art Group and is working to make a career as an Illustrator and Comic Artist. Don’t drink too much caffeine kids.

lauren a

Lauren Allen is a junior majoring in Comparative Literature and Spanish with a minor in Comic and Cartoon Studies. As well as being a copy editor for Art Ducko, Lauren overuses the phrase “liminal space” in her everyday writing and speech to try and sound smart. Her simple approach of pen on notebook paper in her own comics drew her to work like Emil Ferris’ My Favorite Thing is Monsters. Lauren keeps things funky with her unique humor, style, refined cartoon palate, and less refined anime palate.


Cullen Sharp is part of Art Ducko’s layout department.


Bianca Sandoval is part of Art Ducko’s copy editing department.