Spring Break Into Reading – by Renee Thompson

Spring Break Into Reading – by Renee Thompson

With spring break quickly approaching, many of us are thinking about how to spend that precious vacation time. If you’re planning on taking in some sun, jetting off to a new part of the world or you’re excited to chill at home, reading is fun no matter where you’re going. For those hoping to catch up on some comic reading, but can’t decide what to start, look no further! These are some comics worth catching up on this spring break season:


Image1Published by Image Comics, Saga is a perfect blend of fantasy, sci-fi and dark humor. The series is written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples and centers around a mixed species child named Hazel, and her parents Marco and Lana as they attempt to escape the governments that are hunting them. Saga explores multiple social issues ranging from the effects of war to classism, as well as the power of love and the bridges it can create. As someone of mixed-race, it’s refreshing to see main characters juggling two different cultures and finding harmony between them. The art style is also very unique when compared to other action comics. If you’re a fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, Saga is a must read for you.


  1. Bee and Puppycat


Spring break is the perfect time to catch up on all the Bee and Puppycat comics and episodes since the latest episode is set to premiere later in 2019. Bee, is a loveable klutz that is just trying to find her place in life. After meeting the mysterious Puppycat, an intelligent being that resembles a cat and a dog, Bee joins an interdimensional temp agency. Together, Bee and Puppycat travel across the universe doing odd jobs. For those still in the soul-searching stage of their life, Bee and Puppycat is a great comic that explores what it really means to be an adult and find one’s purpose in life. Creator Natasha Allegri illustrates and writes, along with Jackson Garrett. You can stream episodes on the Federator YouTube channel and the VRV application.


  1. Spell on Wheels


Normally when someone breaks into your house and steals all your stuff, you call the police. That is, unless you’re three witches hell-bent on retrieving your magical artifacts. Written by Kate Leth and illustrated by Megan Levens, this comic is set in modern day America and follows witches Andy, Jolene, and Claire. Together they journey across the country looking for answers and carrying out sweet vengeance. If you’re thinking about taking a road trip this spring, Spell on Wheels is the perfect companion.


  1. Mirror

Image4Mirror, is set in a futuristic space colony whose colonists are researching the science of magic. Mysterious animal guardians protect the planet’s core source of magic, and constantly battle the colony as it uses scientific exploration to excuse horrific conditions. Mirror asks the question most scientists should; is an experiment worth it, and what happens to the animals involved? Produced by Emma Ríos and Hwei Lim, the watercolor artwork is stunning and fits the fantasy theme perfectly.  


  1. Snotgirl

Image5Blogger Lottie wants nothing more in life, other than her allergies to go away, than to become famous. Lottie is willing to do anything to forget about her ex-boyfriend and her fake friends. When she meets a new blogger, she thinks that this might be the person that makes me forget about life’s problems. That is, until the new blogger becomes a missing person, and Lottie becomes the prime suspect. Written by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’s own Bryan Lee O’Malley, Snotgirl takes a snapshot on fashion and social media culture and the lengths some will go to maintain a ‘perfect’ version of themselves.


These are but a small sample from the large pool of great comics out there. Some honorable mentions include Art Ops by Shaun Simon, illustrated by Mike Allred, and Tank Girl by Jaime Hewlett and Alan Martin. If you’re interested in finding more titles to choose from, feel free to visit your local library or www.goodreads.com for recommendations. Happy reading!


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