Art Ducko at Rose City Comic Con 2018 – By Kaitlyn McCafferty

Art Ducko had the privilege of tabling and paneling at the Rose City Comic-Con in Portland last weekend. Special shout-out to the U of O enrollment office for bringing us, and Ben Saunders for organizing! We gave out issues and presented on what Art Ducko’s purpose is and how we go about making our magazine. It was amazing working together with our team and sharing Art Ducko with so many people!


In our panel, we introduced Art Ducko, then discussed the jobs of the different departments we have. If you would like to see our slideshow, it is located here! We will be getting some photos up on our Facebook very soon.

I’d never been to a Comic-Con as big as RCCC before! It was a really wonderful experience. The energy is fun and intoxicating. It’s great meeting people who are interested in and love the same things you do–who find the same meaning in a cartoon or comic as you! The “fandom” community is truly special.

Fellow Art Ducko member Jasmin, her friend Maddy, and I all dressed up as My Hero Academia characters on Saturday! Their Instagram profile can be found here. I’d never cosplayed in a group before; it was so much fun! We called out to anyone passing by cosplaying BNHA and took pictures with them! I’m hoping in the future I can make a Uraraka hero costume. It’s just so cute!


Then on Sunday, Art Ducko treasurer Lauren and I were Pipimi and Popuko from Pop Team Epic! This was such a fun cosplay to pose in. We also took pictures with Reptar.


Artist Alley was full of extremely talented artists. I picked up this beautiful print from “parakid,” who can be found at!


I’m kind of obsessed with their art right now. I also bought a My Hero Academia mystery box, which was amazing. Overall, I ended up spending way more money than I should’ve, but that’s what happens!

Thanks to everyone who came and saw us and picked up our magazine! See you at future events, which we will announce on our Facebook and Twitter!

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