“Cucumber Quest” Review – by Gabby Gonzalez


“Cucumber Quest” Review – by Gabby Gonzalez


Cucumber Quest: The Greatest Magical Boy Webcomic of All­ Time

Cucumber Quest is a webcomic about a magical boy named Cucumber and his sister Almond, in which the whole universe all the characters are named after food. Cute and yummy! I feel that the best places to find the most diverse comics — and frankly, comics that go beyond — are webcomics. Cucumber Quest on the surface seems like a cute coming-of-age comic, but it subverts so many of the tropes of fantasy, such as: the chosen one, prophecies, fairy godmothers, and even magical schools. In the beginning of the webcomic, Cucumber gets accepted to Puffington’s Academy for the Magically Gifted and/or Incredibly Wealthy, and is super excited to go to.

However, his father Lord Cabbage has been kidnapped and he must save him. This leads Cucumber on his quest to find all Disaster Stones and stop Nightmare Knight. That description alone shows how silly and overdone the premise is. But it is nothing like what it seems. The humor is on point, all the characters are sarcastic, and they all know what part they play, even if they want to change. For example, Almond would love to be in her brother’s position to defeat Nightmare Knight, because she can probably do it better. Cucumber does not want to be the male chosen one, and he does not play into traditional ideas of masculinity or heroes. One of the most complex characters is the main villain. As I kept reading the comic, I came to learn that said villain may not be the villain. Interestingly, he shows how people are playing into parts that society sees in them. However, Almond is my favorite character; she knows exactly what she wants. 

The colors of the webcomic are beautiful; the watercolor make the page alive and inviting. It makes you want to jump into the comic and forget about the worries of the real world.


The world of the comic is also very meta. The comic is basically a magical­ boy coming-of-age-story, and in it, there is a magical girl TV show that Almond references.

What Cucumber Quest does so well is promote not judging people by their appearances and explore the ways that society puts labels on everyone. But if you check out anything from Cucumber Quest, please check out the characters sheet. It’s one of cutest and silliest things ever.

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