Macanudo Review – Marília Moreira


By Marília Moreira


A very dear friend of mine, which now lives in Argentina, showed me Liniers’ comic, Macanudo, for the first time a couple of years ago. As a Brazilian girl surrounded by American comics, I was instantly reminded of Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts while following the adorable adventures of Enriqueta and Fellini and laughing at the simple and existential sense of humor delivered by those innocent characters. But at the same time, there was something about this heartwarming strip that I couldn’t find in any of the aforementioned classics, but what was it?


After following Liniers’ work over the years, I believe now that the answer is time. Macanudo is happening right now. New comics come out everyday so it’s very exciting to wait and hope that Liniers will express himself over current world issues and daily news. From politically smart content to silly internet jokes, Liniers somehow manages to keep up with everything that surrounds us without losing his charisma and unique sense of humor. The wacky world that we live in, with all the technology, self-doubt and eternal search for love, is the setting for Macanudo (an Argentinian old-timey word that basically means “everything is fine”). Combine that with the beautiful artwork and clever panel layouts and you’ll find delightful stories to read anytime, anywhere.


Working constantly since 2002, the Eisner Award Nominee has a wide range of characters, each one of them with their own unique and lovable features. Gnomes and penguins with existential jokes; Olga, the monster that never gets tired of repeating the only word she knows, her own name; the mysterious man whose only point in life is being mysterious, or even Liniers himself, drawn as a rabbit and pondering about the wonders of life.


Macanudo was recently translated to English (hooray!) and is definitely a must-read among contemporary comics. After all, a little bit of imagination, friendship and fun is everything you need to finish your day and realize that yes, everything is just fine.


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